Peter Bunzl

Peter Bunzl

I am an author, filmmaker & animator.  I write quirky tales about finding your place in the world and what makes you unique. Stories of family and humanity and where they begin and end. I love cinematic images, magic adventures and big odd ideas! 

I grew up in South London in a rambling Victorian house with 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 little sister, an antique dealer dad and an artist mum. I have always wanted to tell stories, and as a child I found inspiration visiting TV and film sets including James Bond and Postman Pat, where my mum worked as a costume designer.

After studying at art college and film school, I animated on commercials, pop videos and 2 BAFTA winning kids’ TV shows! I’ve written and directed several successful short films, and now lives in North London with my partner Michael, a fox who visits our garden, and a clutter of house spiders.

Books by Peter Bunzl featured in Pop Up Education programmes

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